Challenges of Black Politics in Philadelphia

Vietnam vet and ardent community organizer, Leon Williams, an Attorney, at law runs for State Rep to unify and develop Philadelphia's 192nd State District. This program broadcast live on WBAI 99.5 FM NY on March 12, 2016.

"By private criminal complaint, Mr. Williams was able to prosecute an FBI agent and two state parole agents who gunned down unarmed black men in Philadelphia.  Also by private criminal complaint, Mr. Williams prosecuted various police officers and city officials responsible for dropping a bomb on the MOVE house in May of 1985. 

Mr. Williams co-founded the Drexwynnebine Town watch in Wynnefield. He also served as the secretary of the United Black Business Association (UBBA), headed by Georgie Woods, which developed a buy-black campaign that organized black businesses and consumers and enhanced businesses and jobs. He drafted a tax credit plan to give discounts of thousands of dollars in taxes to individuals who volunteer in community activities. Currently, all tax credit programs in Pennsylvania go to corporations." More about Leon A. Williams at


Guest: Leaon A. Williams

Host: Wuyi Jacobs

Produced by Tyrene Wright and Wuyi Jacobs



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