Children see the brutality of a poached Rhino

Young Rhino SA Champions and OMG founders were exposed to the brutality of a poached rhino while shooting a series of mini-documentaries called "Letters to President Zuma". The mini-documentaries are being produced to help create awareness about rhino poaching and wildlife trafficking. Organizations like Rhino SA are planning to use the series to educate the youth world wide about rhino poaching and translate the mini-series into different languages. 

Rhino poaching statistics in South Africa rapidly increasing. The extinction of the rhino species is predicted to happen within the next 10 years. People and organizations alike are coming together to fight the war on rhino poaching, and recently Howard Buffet, the son of investor Warren Buffet, donated a whopping $24 million to SANparks to combat rhino poaching.

The demand for rhino horn has escalated due to the impressive increase in monetary value. Currently rhino horn is trading higher than gold, and is one of Africa's most prized commodities.

by Tijana Huysamen

Video produced by Red Sky Pictures

Sponsorship for production and direction : Rhino SA, Tijana Huysamen, Rhino SA Champions, Askari Lodge and Guvon Group, OMG, Red Sky Pictures.