Philantrhopists' Unite for Rhinos

Imagine a world renowned philanthropist meeting South Africa's youngest philanthropists to join hands in combating wildlife trafficking. On March 14, 2014 Howard Buffet, son of investor Warren Buffet, donated $24 million to combating the recent unprecedented increases in rhino poaching.  At the event Rhino SA champions, Afeefah and Aaminah Patel, met with Mr. Buffet and discussed their involvement and dedication for the fight to save South Africa's rhino from extinction. 

Afeefah Patel meets Warren Buffet.jpg

The money was donated in a cheque handover to SANParks in Johannesburg last weekend. SANParks Honorary Junior Rangers and Rhino SA Champions, Afeefah and Aaminah, were invited to attend this prestigious event. Afeefah, the youngest South African philanthropist, was recently awarded Lead SA Hero of the month. Afeefah wrote a letter to President Zuma, during the Rhino SA letter writing campaign, pleading the president to do more to save South Africa's rhino from extinction. The president personally responded to Afeefah's letter and promised to meet with her to discuss the plight of the rhino. 

Howard Buffet's donation will help increase the large efforts South Africans are making throughout the country to combat wildlife trafficking and rhino poaching. With the recent spike in poaching, South Africa has turned to international support and worldwide awareness. With continued donations and awareness, the hope is that the international community will place more stress on poachers and related crimes. 

by Tijana Huysamen

Photograph supplied by Shiraaz Patel 

Information sourced: Rhino SA/ Green Wall of Africa SEE Projects.