Continuing Conflicts in South Sudan & CAR

Since the end of the Second World War, many African countries have been ravaged by external and internal armed conflicts that have led to the death of millions of innocent people and the loss of billions of dollars due to the destruction of property and infrastructure and a setback to overall socio-economic and political development in these countries. Conflicts on the African continent have assigned and confined millions of African people to poverty and despair. According to the African Union, “no single internal factor has contributed more to socio-economic decline on the Continent and the suffering of the civilian population than the scourge of conflicts within and between our States.” 

The recent outbreak of armed conflict in South Sudan and the Central African Republic and the resulted loss of life and the displacement of thousands of people, however, bring into question the effectiveness of regional and international measures to promote peace, security and stability in the continent and the commitment of several stakeholders to peace making in these countries. To discuss the recent developments in South Sudan and the Central African Republic, their causes and implications for peace,  stability and development in the respective countries and the continent in general. 


  • Mr Eugene Pehoua-Pelema. Eugene Pehoua-Pelema is an Basketball Player Olympian (Olympics 88) from the C.A.R. He is owner of Africa Education Sports and Political Leader of Opinion 
  • John Dau of The John Dau Foundation


  • Wuyi Jacobs