Paul Sankara on the Oct '14 Revolution in Burkina Faso

Paul Sankara, brother of the late Thomas Sankara and member of the Committee Against Impunity in Burkina Faso discusses the 2014 revolution in Burkina Faso, its implications for democracy and human rights and the necessity for former president Blaise Compaore to return to Bukina Faso to face justice for crimes against humanity committed during his 27 year rule. 

The forced resignation of Blaise Compaore as the president of Burkina Faso on October 31, 2014, is another important development in the on-going struggle for democracy in Africa. Blaise Compaore had ruled the country for over 27 years following the removal of Thomas Sankara from office and his eventual assassination.

Compaore, who was behind the removal of his friend, Sankara, was in turn removed from office following two weeks of massive protests by the people of Burkina Faso who were against his attempts to amend the country’s constitution in order to extend his stay in office. Over 32 people were killed during the protests and parliament was set on fire.

The army, which took power from Compaore, has recently handed over power to a civilian led interim government that will work towards the restoration of democratic governance in the country. This was due to pressure from the people of Burkina Faso, the African Union (which had threatened to suspend Burkina Faso’s membership in the regional body) and the international community. 

On Monday, November, 17, 2014, Lt. Col. Isaac  Zida, handed power to a civilian led transitional government, headed by Michel Akafando, a former foreign affairs minister and former representative of Burkina Faso to the UN from 1998 to 2011, that will have one year to restore democratic governance in the country. Lt.Col. Isaac Zida, (head of the presidential guard at the time of Compaore’s removal) was in turn, appointed an interim prime minister.



Paul Sankara: brother of the late Thomas Sankara and a member of the Committee Against Impunity in Burkina Faso

Hosts: Wuyi Jacobs & Tseliso Thipanyane 

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