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Left Forum 2015 PANEL: "SEEKING TRUTH IN THE BALKANS" (& Africa)

  • JOHN JAY COLLEGE OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE 524 W 59th St New York, NY 10019 (map)

Session 7 Room 1.101    

"Seeking Truth in the Balkans" explores the legacy of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia. Over 100 ICTY prosecutors, ICTY defense counsel, international law/human rights law experts, journalists, human rights advocates, and others were interviewed regarding their thoughts on what the ICTY has or has not contributed to peace, justice, reconciliation, and truth/memory in the Balkans and the ICTY's overall enduring legacy. In 1993 the UN Security Council unanimously voted to create a Tribunal to prosecute war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide attributed to the worst bloodshed in Europe since the Second World War. Twenty-one years later, with over 161 indictees all accounted for, this film attempts to explore its true legacy and raises important questions - was peace, justice, reconciliation or truth achieved by this landmark experiment in international law.

"Seeking Truth in the Balkans" affords us the opportunity to analyze the conjunction  of the International Criminal Court and African countries, raising important questions as to whether new International laws are targeted at African countries or whether these laws of "International Justice" are selective or merely doing what they can do.


Facilitator:  Gnaka La Goke - Revival of Panafricanism Forum. Gnaka La Goke, PhD, is a specialist in African political affairs, development, and Pan-Africanism is a professor of Spanish at UDC & African History at Montgomery College. As a political analyst, he has appeared on Australian Broadcast Corporation, Voice of America, Russia Today, HispanTV, & Democracy Now with Amy Goodman. He founded “The Revival of Panafricanism Forum” ( a public forum which engages a permanent conversation on Africa from a panafrican perspective.

June E. Vutrano - June E. veteran is a human Rights-International Law Documentary Film Maker and the Associate Producer of Seeking Truth Productions. Wars peace, justice, reconciliation or truth achieved by this landmark experiment in international law. June will attempts to explore these questions at the panel in the context of Africa and the future of International Law.

Bradley McCallum - Portraits of Justice. Bradley McCallum is a conceptual artist and social activist. He is best known for his large-scale, site-specific installations made in collaboration with artist Jacqueline Tarry, with whom he has worked since 1999 in the mixed-race collaborative McCallum + Tarry. He is the Founding Director of Conjunction Arts, a Brooklyn-based nonprofit that supports artists by connecting them to social justice organizations and providing fiscal sponsorship to individual artists. Portraits of Justice is a selection of paintings by Bradley McCallum portraying leaders accused of crimes against humanity, while being tried before the International Criminal Court and related tribunals in The Hague, Netherlands. Based on courtroom photos, McCallum's haunting and hyper realistic paintings convey the tensions these trials represent as the world attempts to seek justice for modern-day atrocities.

Jennifer Trahan - NYU-SPS, Global Affairs. Jennifer Trahan is Associate Clinical Professor of Global Affairs, at NYU-SPS, where she teaches international law and international justice. She has written widely on the international criminal tribunals and their law, as well as on the use of force, including two books. She served as Iraq Prosecutions Consultant to the International Center for Transitional Justice, and has worked on cases before the Special Court for Sierra Leone and International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda.

Erin K. Lovall - Erin K. Lovall is Graduate of New York University's Center for Global Affairs and Duke University School of Law. Co-producer/Co-Director of "Seeking Truth in the Balkans" and attorney focusing on international criminal law and human rights.

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