3:40 PM15:40


Session 7, Room 1.87       

Concerning Violence is a 2014 documentary film written and directed by Göran Olsson and narrated by American singer and actress Lauryn Hill, Concerning Violence is based on newly discovered archive material covering the struggle for liberation from colonial rule in the late ‘60s and ‘70s. The film explores the mechanisms of decolonization through text from Frantz Fanon's essay, Concerning Violence, from his seminal 1961 book “The Wretched of the Earth”. Fanon’s landmark book, written over 50 years ago, is still a major tool for understanding and illuminating the neocolonialism happening today and we will argue as well as the violence and reactions against it. It also arguably the most important analysis providing insight to understanding police brutality against black bodies, continued suppression and the incarceration of masses of young black people in the United States of America today.


Facilitator: Maurice Carney - Friends of the Congo (FOTC). Maurice Carney is executive director of Friends of the Congo. 

Omowale Clay - Dec 12th Movement. Omowale Clay is a member, December 12th Movement and a key organizer of National Rally for Reparations and Black participation in international conferences on racism & women's rights. He has been the most consistent voice of opposition to the US embargo on Zimbabwe and the violence and suffering the embargo imposes on ordinary citizens of Zimbabwe. Omowale Clay created slogan "No Justice, No Peace".

Bruce Dixon - The Black Agenda Report. Bruce A. Dixon is managing editor at the Black Agenda Report, and a state committee member of the Georgia Green Party. He lives and works near Marietta, Ga. He was rank and file member of the Black Panther Party in 1969-1970, a 1970s rank-and-file union activist in a string of factories, plants and workplaces, a 1980s community organizer in the nation's poorest neighborhoods. Dixon has built an impressive record of service in and to the cause of human liberation.

Benjamin Bowser - California State University East Bay. Benjamin Paul Bowser (PhD, Cornell University) is Emeritus Professor of Sociology and Social Services and former department chair at California State University East Bay. His previous publications include The Black Middle Class: Social Mobility--And Vulnerability, Against the Odds: Scholars Who Challenged Race in the Twentieth Century, Gangster Rap and Its Social Cost: Exploiting Hip Hop and Using Racial Stereotypes to Entertain America and Impacts of Racism on White Americans, amongst others. He has also published over fifty research journal articles and anthology chapters. Dr. Benjamin Bowser, co-editor of the new UNESCO-endorsed book, The Transatlantic Slave Trade and Slavery: New Directions in Teaching and Learning. He will be discussing “Contemporary Psychological Consequences of the African Slave Trade and Slavery.”

Kymone Tecumseh Freeman - We Act Radio. Kymone Freeman is a poet, an activist, an award winning playwright and director of the National Black LUV Festival (NBLF) largest annual AIDS mobilization for six years & WDC Mayor's Art Award Finalist for Excellence in Service to the Arts in 2006.  He is a founding board member for the non-profit Words Beats & Life and co-founder of Bum Rush the Boards the largest annual youth chess tournament in WDC. He is the subject of one chapter of the book Beat of A Different Drum: The Untold Stories of African Americans Forging Their Own Paths in Work and Life (Hyperion). He is a 2010 Green For ALL Fellow & is co-founder of We ACT Radio DC’s only independent radio station that provides media production services to the progressive community and operates a media arts summer training program. He is a founding member of #DCFerguson one of the leading group of activists that focuses on police lynchings. Currently his new play #ABMIT Whites Only after being performed at all Busboys and Poets locations is now in production. Freeman has appeared on CCTV, TV One, C-Span, Fox News, and Cuba's Centro de Prensa Intercacional Minrex.

Please register online at 

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3:40 PM15:40

Left Forum 2015 PANEL: "SEEKING TRUTH IN THE BALKANS" (& Africa)

Session 7 Room 1.101    

"Seeking Truth in the Balkans" explores the legacy of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia. Over 100 ICTY prosecutors, ICTY defense counsel, international law/human rights law experts, journalists, human rights advocates, and others were interviewed regarding their thoughts on what the ICTY has or has not contributed to peace, justice, reconciliation, and truth/memory in the Balkans and the ICTY's overall enduring legacy. In 1993 the UN Security Council unanimously voted to create a Tribunal to prosecute war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide attributed to the worst bloodshed in Europe since the Second World War. Twenty-one years later, with over 161 indictees all accounted for, this film attempts to explore its true legacy and raises important questions - was peace, justice, reconciliation or truth achieved by this landmark experiment in international law.

"Seeking Truth in the Balkans" affords us the opportunity to analyze the conjunction  of the International Criminal Court and African countries, raising important questions as to whether new International laws are targeted at African countries or whether these laws of "International Justice" are selective or merely doing what they can do.


Facilitator:  Gnaka La Goke - Revival of Panafricanism Forum. Gnaka La Goke, PhD, is a specialist in African political affairs, development, and Pan-Africanism is a professor of Spanish at UDC & African History at Montgomery College. As a political analyst, he has appeared on Australian Broadcast Corporation, Voice of America, Russia Today, HispanTV, & Democracy Now with Amy Goodman. He founded “The Revival of Panafricanism Forum” ( a public forum which engages a permanent conversation on Africa from a panafrican perspective.

June E. Vutrano - June E. veteran is a human Rights-International Law Documentary Film Maker and the Associate Producer of Seeking Truth Productions. Wars peace, justice, reconciliation or truth achieved by this landmark experiment in international law. June will attempts to explore these questions at the panel in the context of Africa and the future of International Law.

Bradley McCallum - Portraits of Justice. Bradley McCallum is a conceptual artist and social activist. He is best known for his large-scale, site-specific installations made in collaboration with artist Jacqueline Tarry, with whom he has worked since 1999 in the mixed-race collaborative McCallum + Tarry. He is the Founding Director of Conjunction Arts, a Brooklyn-based nonprofit that supports artists by connecting them to social justice organizations and providing fiscal sponsorship to individual artists. Portraits of Justice is a selection of paintings by Bradley McCallum portraying leaders accused of crimes against humanity, while being tried before the International Criminal Court and related tribunals in The Hague, Netherlands. Based on courtroom photos, McCallum's haunting and hyper realistic paintings convey the tensions these trials represent as the world attempts to seek justice for modern-day atrocities.

Jennifer Trahan - NYU-SPS, Global Affairs. Jennifer Trahan is Associate Clinical Professor of Global Affairs, at NYU-SPS, where she teaches international law and international justice. She has written widely on the international criminal tribunals and their law, as well as on the use of force, including two books. She served as Iraq Prosecutions Consultant to the International Center for Transitional Justice, and has worked on cases before the Special Court for Sierra Leone and International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda.

Erin K. Lovall - Erin K. Lovall is Graduate of New York University's Center for Global Affairs and Duke University School of Law. Co-producer/Co-Director of "Seeking Truth in the Balkans" and attorney focusing on international criminal law and human rights.

Please register online at

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5:10 PM17:10


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Session 4 Room 3.304N (North Hall)

Afro Free Culture Crowdsourcing Wikimedia (AfroCROWD) is a new initiative which seeks to increase the number of people of African Descent who actively participate in the Wikimedia and free knowledge, culture and software movements. AfroCrowd aims to further the educational goals of the International Decade for People of African Descent by mobilizing, building and training people of African descent to take control of African and Diaspora narratives, and by writing and editing Wikipedia / WikiMedia content related to African narratives. AfroCROWD also seek to provide access to Wikipedia’s multilingual crowdsourcing platform which can help transfer and share free knowledge to populations of African descent all over the world while maintaining online bodies of relevant knowledge in native languages such as Garifuna, Haitian Kreyòl, Igbo, Spanish or Yoruba, etc., thereby contributing to the survival of and increasing proficiency in those languages.


Facilitator: Alice Backer - AfroCROWD. Alice Backer is a social media professional, lawyer and free culture curator. In 2015, she launched Afrocrowd, a multilingual initiative to increase Afrodescendant participation in crowdsourcing initiatives such as Wikipedia. She started out in social media as Francophonia Editor editor at Global Voices Online covering French-speaking blogs of Africa and the Caribbean and a founder of Global Voices Lingua which today translates selected content from blogs the world over in 20 languages. She is the Communications Director and Online Community Manager for La Caye BK, an award-winning hospitality brand serving authentic Haitian food where she curates and promotes the weekly La Caye Musically Thursday which showcases up-and-coming Haitian acoustic acts. She has been aggregating and disseminating Haitian online expression since 2005 at websites & and through social media and a newsletter. is a live feed of blogs by people of Haitian descent from all over the world. She interviews notable Haitians who further the Legacy of 1804 on a weekly live podcast of the same name. She is the recipient of a 2013 Black Celebration Award for her cultural activism. 

Social Handles:

  • (also on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr)
  • (also on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr)
  • (also on Twitter (@afrocrowdit), Instagram, Facebook)

Nana-Ama Kyerematen - Nana-Ama Kyerematen is the Founder and Managing Editor of, a webzine dedicated to showcasing and promoting Literature from Africa and the diaspora. As the founder and curator of the premiere African Literature Festival in the United States, she seeks to provide a platform for aspiring and established great African writers, be them at home in Africa or the diaspora. Born in Accra, Ghana, she has an MBA in Financial Management.

Ololade Siyonbola - Yoruba Cultural Institute. Ololade Siyonbola is the co-founder of the Yoruba Cultural Institute which offers programs and courses in Yoruba culture, history, literature, drama/interaction, music and language and whose mission is to produce a generation of Yoruba scholars who uphold the ancient values of the Yoruba Nation in belief and in practice.

Please register online at

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10:00 AM10:00


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Session 1, Room 1.108

“Slave Routes: A Global Vision“ portrays the diverse histories and heritages of the global African Diaspora stemming from the African slave trade and slavery. The documentary provides an overview of the forced displacements of African peoples across oceans and deserts to distant lands, highlighting their contributions both to the enrichment of their enslavers and to the creation of new cultural forms. Offering examples from the Middle East, South Asia, and North Africa as well as Europe and the Americas, it moves beyond the tragedies of the slave trade and slavery to highlight the resistance of Africans and their descendants in Africa and throughout the areas of enslavement beginning in the 9th century. It further illustrates many of the ways in which enslaved Africans and their descendants triumphed over incredible oppression to play an essential role in shaping the global culture of the modern world.

UNESCO Film Slave Routes A Global Vision Pedagogical Guide 189754E.pdf


Facilitator: Sheila S. Walker, Ph.D, - Afrodiaspora, Inc. Sheila Walker, Ph.D, is a cultural anthropologist and filmmaker, is Executive Director of Afrodiaspora, Inc., a non-profit organization that is developing documentaries and educational materials about the global African Diaspora. She has done fieldwork, lectured, consulted, and participated in cultural events in much of Africa and the African Diaspora. Her works include the documentary film, Slave Routes: A Global Vision, for the UNESCO Slave Route Project, and an edited book, Conocimiento desde adentro: Los Afrosudamericanos hablan de sus pueblos y su historia (Afro-South Americans Speak of their Peoples and their History), featuring articles by Afrodescendants from all of the Spanish-speaking countries of South America. She also edited the volume African Roots/American Cultures: Africa in the Creation of the Americasand produced the documentary Scattered Africa: Faces and Voices of the African Diaspora. Dr. Walker was Director of the Center for African and African American Studies, the Annabel Irion Worsham Centennial Professor in the College of Liberal Arts, and Professor of Anthropology at the University of Texas at Austin, and she was the William and Camille Cosby Professor in the Humanities and Social Sciences, Professor of Anthropology, and Director of the African Diaspora and the World Program at Spelman College. (Source:

Scattered Africa: Faces and Voices of the African Diaspora (2008 – Sheila Walker);
Routes de l’esclave: une vision globale [Slave Routes: A Global Vision/Africans out of Africa] (2010);
Africa on the Pacific: Esmeraldas, Ecuador (2011 – Sheila Walker).

Manbo Dòwòti Désir - DDPA Watch Group & Associates, Inc. Manbo Dòwòti Désir is founder and President of the DDPA Watch Group & Associates, Inc.  The DDPA Watch Group is an international human rights coalition, and the parent company of the OGUN Taskforce, an interfaith group of the AfroAtlantic Religions. Manbo Désir is the Chairperson of the Subcommittee for the Elimination of Racism of the NGO Committee on Human Rights at the UN, and the Co-Chair of The Ubuntu Council (a MIAT of the US Human Rights Network). She is organizing a Truth & Human Rights Commission for African Descendants: Recognition, Justice and Developments,  as a consultative mechanism for the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (Geneva). She recently launched the UN International Decade for People of African Descent 2015-2024 with Benediction Services at Union Theological Seminary.  A writer and journalist, she has focused on the contemporary arts and culture of the African Diaspora; and the religions and sacred arts of the Afro-Atlantic region. A past Advisor to UNESCO on projects related to the global African community, she is a guest producer of AfrobeatRadio, WBAI 99.5 FM in the United States and is the former Associate Publisher of The AFRIcan Magazine. The author of a book on monuments and historic sites of the Transatlantic Slave Trade entitled, Goud kase goud: Conjuring Memory in Spaces of the AfroAtlantic,, she is a Manbo Asogwe (High Priest) in Haitian Vodou. Manbo Désir is a graduate of Barnard College, Columbia University and has a Master’s degree in Contemporary Art and critical theory from the Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College. 

Goud kase goud: Conjuring Memory in Spaces of the AfroAtlantic, uses photography to explore the issue of spatial justice though the built and natural environment in Africa, the Caribbean, the Americas and Europe.  The book commemorates the International Decade for People of African Descent and marks the 20th Anniversary of the UNESCO Slave Routes, Resistance, Liberty, Heritage project. At its core is an argument for Reparations, as the contraction of the physical, political, economic and spiritual spaces of Africans and their descendants, were forcibly contracted during the Maafa known as the TransAtlantic Slave Trade in Captive Africans, and later colonization. Manbo Désir contends, although unstated, the Maafa, was the first global world war whose devastating impact continues to consume the personal and psychosocial spaces of the global African person with continued human rights violations; extrajudicial killings, police brutality, and cultural genocide even as the presence of Africans/African descendants expands in the public sphere.

Tyrene Wright - African Women for Africa, Inc., AfrobeatRadio. Tyrene Wright PhD is a Booker T. Washington scholar, human rights activist, poet and founder of African Women for Africa whose mission is to provide free health literacy programs to African women. Wright's work focuses on the advancement of African women and the social and political dynamics involved in harnessing the world's resources, which are concentrated in Africa. She is the author of newly released book "Booker T. Washington and Africa: The Making Of A Pan Africanist.”

Wuyi Jacobs - AfrobeatRadio. Wuyi Jacobs is Executive Producer and Host of AfrobeatRadio.

Please register online at

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MIST Harlem, Black Out for Human Rights & Creatively Speaking present "Concerning Violence"
3:00 PM15:00

MIST Harlem, Black Out for Human Rights & Creatively Speaking present "Concerning Violence"

Click Here to get your Tickets 

A documentary narrated by Lauryn Hill who just did two sold out concerts at Madiba Harlem at My Image Studios. This award wining documentary first screened at the Sundance Film Festival in 2014. Concerning Violence (2014) is a feature documentary compiling recently discovered archive footage of colonial Africa from the 60’s and 70’s. This footage was captured by Swedish filmmakers who set out on a mission to document the anti-imperialist liberation first hand.

Aided by extracts from Fanon’s book, director Göran Hugo Olsson artistically assembles the footage into nine chapters which factually address colonialism and capitalism. Despite being written over 50 years ago, Frantz Fanon’s literature is an acute account of the still prevalent, wholly relevant struggle for independence from neo-colonialism.

The piece asks the audience to question both modern day and historical motives for violence, and demands negative attention towards first world countries, their ruling and dictation over a seemingly helpless third world. An entire world of exploited venerability factually plays out at a conflictingly leisurely pace.

Panelist and the moderator bring first hand knowledge of past and current violence in the struggle for freedom in (southern) Africa:

  • Mr. Paynes reported from Soweto during the uprising when the US was on the wrong side of the struggle provide critical insights that informed and changed minds in the US.
  • Omowale Clay of the December 12th Movement has been the most consistent voice of opposition to the US embargo on Zimbabwe and the violence and suffering the embargo imposes on ordinary citizens of Zimbabwe.
  • Moderated by Wuyi Jacobs of AfrobeatRadio,  the most respected radio broadcast voice reporting on African politics and culture.


Join us for the Sunday Matinee Screening of this powerful film, followed by the option of a 3 course Prix Fixe Dinner or Drinks after the screening.

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AfroCROWD, ALP & CCCADI present AfroLatinoCROWD!
1:30 PM13:30

AfroCROWD, ALP & CCCADI present AfroLatinoCROWD!

Caribbean Cultural Center and African Diaspora Institute

Proyecto Afrolatin@

Garifuna Nation 




Join us  as we  explore Wikipedia resources for Afrolatino/as in Spanish,  Portuguese, Garifuna and English.

We will also get a brief intro to Wikimedia and Wikipedia and learn what gaps exist about Afrolatino/as in the largest online reference site in the world and ways to use this resource to make Afrolatino/a children and adults more digitally skilled and more knowledgeable about their culture, history and languages.

We will have presentations by:

  • Amilcar Priestley of Proyecto Afrolatin@
  • Sandra Abd'Allah-Alvarez Ramírez  of the blog Negra Cubana Tenía Que Ser


Afro Free Culture Crowdsourcing Wikimedia (AfroCROWD), is a new initiative which seeks to increase the number of people of African Descent who actively partake in the Wikimedia and free knowledge, culture and software movements. The workshops are open to all Afrodescendants including but not limited to individuals who self-identify as African, African-American, Afro-Latino, Biracial, Black, Black-American, Caribbean, Garifuna, Haitian or West Indian.

These workshops aim to advance the” development” principles of the UN International Decade for People of African Descent.  The Black Twitter phenomenon in the U.S. and the use of Face book in the Americas shows that Afrodescendants have capitalized on social media as an organizing tool. Exposing more Afrodescendants to Wikimedia has the potential to take this journey a step further and transfer skills that might deepen Afrodescendant exploration of online technology.  By using such platforms to develop and maintain online bodies of relevant knowledge in native languages such as Garifuna, Haitian Kreyòl, Igbo, Spanish or Yoruba, Afrodescendant communities thereby contribute to the survival of and increase in their proficiency in those languages while also feeling more culturally grounded.


If you missed all or part of the kickoff Feb7th and 8th, catch up here:

View photos of AfroCROWD's kickoff Feb. 7th and 8th:

Visit the AfroCROWD website for more info:

Light refreshments

(Wikimedia NYC will assist with training.)



Únase a nosotros el 12 de abril de 2015  en nuestra exploración de  los recursos disponibles en Wikipidia a la comunidad Afrolatina en  Español, Portugues, Inglés y Garifuna.

También tendremos una breve introducción a Wikimedia y Wikipedia y exploraremos los vacíos que existen sobre Afrolatino/as en el sitio de referencia en línea mas grande en el mundo y formas de utilizar este recurso para ayudar tanto a niños como adultos Afrolatino/as a ser digitalmente mas expertos y con  mas conocimiento de su cultura, historia y lenguaje.

Tendremos presentaciones por:

  • Amilcar Priestley de Proyecto Afrolatin@
  • Sandra Abd'Allah-Alvarez Ramírez del blog Negra Cubana Tenia Que Ser


Afro Cultura Libre Crowdsourcing Wikimedia (AfroCROWD) es una nueva iniciativa que busca aumentar el número de personas de ascendencia africana que participan activamente en Wikimedia y en los movimientos de información, cultura y software de acceso abierto . Los talleres están abiertos a todos afrodescendiente, incluyendo pero no limitado a los individuos que se auto identifican como africanos, afro-americano, Afro-Latino, Mestizo, Negro, Negro-Americano, Caribeño, Garifuna, Haitiano o de las Indias Occidentales.

El objetivo de estos talleres es promover los principios de “desarrollo” de la Década Internacional de los Afrodescendientes de Las Naciones Unidas. El fenómeno de Twitter Negro en los EE.UU. y el uso de Facebook en las Américas muestran que los afrodescendientes han capitalizado con las redes sociales como herramienta de organización. Exponiendo a más afrodescendientes a Wikimedia tiene el potencial para impulsar esta jornada un paso más alla y transferir habilidades que podrían profundizar la exploración por parte de los Afrodescendientes de la tecnología en línea. Por lo tanto al usar este tipo de plataforma para desarrollar y mantener en linea cuerpos importantes de conocimientos  en los lenguajes nativos como el Garifuna, Kreyol Haitiano, Igbo,, Español o Yoruba, las comunidades afrodescendientes  contribuyen así a la supervivencia y el aumento de su competencia en esos idiomas y a la vez sentirse más conectados culturalmente.


Sitio web: 

Have questions about AfroCROWD, ALP & CCCADI present AfroLatinoCROWD! (4/12)? Contact AfroCROWD

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6:00 PM18:00

Mother Tongues United, Exploring the Intersections of Three Language Communities in New York City

The Haitian Creole Language Institute of New York (HCLI)

Port Academie


A historically undervalued language is a language that suffers from systemic, social, and cultural degradation, exists in the shadow of a more dominant and socially “acceptable” language, and is spoken by historically disadvantaged and marginalized peoples. Speakers within these historically undervalued linguistic communities are often shamed for speaking their Mother Tongue, while being portrayed as “uneducated”, “unintelligent”, and “unworthy” of participating in mainstream societies.

Despite their varying histories, Garífuna, Haitian Creole, and Quechua all share the same struggle: how to overcome the negative stereotype of being the speaker of a historically undervalued language and find a sustainable way to positively promote and preserve the language? Mother Tongues United will bring together educators and activists from each language community to discuss the experience of being a speaker of a historically undervalued language, what is currently being done to positively promote and preserve the language, and how their respective Diaspora communities contribute to a shift in the perception of the language.

Panelists include, among others:

  • Elva Ambía Rebatta, a Quechua educator from Perú 
  • Milton Guity, a Garífuna educator & activist from Honduras

The Panel of Discussion will be followed by Language Immersion activities along with light refreshments to be provided by Table 7 Catering.


The Haitian Creole Language Institute of New York (HCLI) is an educational center providing a dedicated space for the study of the Haitian Creole Language.

Port Academie is an online research and reference platform for Haitian studies through an open-access digital library.

The Commons Brooklyn is an open and collaborative movement building space that provides resources to the progressive community.

Table 7 Catering strives to provide an “International Comfort food” experience with excellent service, love, and laughter.

Download Press Release HERE

For More Information:

Wynnie Lamour, Managing Director, Haitian Creole Language Institute of New York

+1 347 815 3404,

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4:00 PM16:00



March 20, 2015

Contact: Dinizulu Gene Tinnie, 305-904-7620

In what has become an annual Key West tradition, the International Day for the Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade (officially March 25) will be observed on Sunday afternoon, March 22, at 4:00 at the Key West African Cemetery on Atlantic Boulevard  near Higgs Beach, adjacent to the West Martello Tower brick fort.

295 Africans, mostly children and youth, who were among 1,432 captives rescued from three captured American slave ships brought into Key West in 1860, died from the sufferings they had endured during the ocean crossing and were buried in coffins at the site, which is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. 

The Remembrance includes traditional prayers, a presentation on the Cemetery’s history and other Key West connections to the history of the Middle Passage (or Transatlantic “slave trade”), and Open Dialogue.

The occasion also observes the March 21 International Day for the Elimination of Racism and Discrimination, in commemoration of the 1960 Sharpeville Massacre in South Africa in which 69 peaceful demonstrators were killed by police bullets as they fled.

For further information, call 305-904-7620

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6:00 PM18:00

Esohe Aghatise of Equality Now discusses Human & Sex trafficking

In continuation of commemorating the International Women's Month, Esohe Aghatise of Equality Now, internationally recognized expert in the field of human trafficking whose work spans Africa, Europe and international bodies, joins AfrobeatRadio’s Delphine Vakunta and Tyrene Wright on a discussion on the serious side of Human and Sex trafficking, the second in our Series on the global problem.

Ms Esohe Aghatise is the Founder and Executive Director of Associazione Iroko Onlus (IROKO), a non-profit that works to eliminate all forms of violence against women and children, with a special focus on the elimination of the trafficking and exploitation of women and children in prostitution. 

On AfrobeatRadio on WBAI 99.5 FM NYC Pacifica Radio from 6:00 to 7:00 PM EST., Streaming live @  

AfrobeatRadio Archive

March 14, 2015 

PODCAST: WOMEN AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP; LESSONS, TIPS AND IDEAS FOR SUCCESS IN DIVERGING MARKETS. Featuring entrepreneur Sharon Beason discussing her new venture called Womeneur, a business built around black female entrepreneurship, and the role that women play in today's global economy and even more importantly, in building sustainable communities. Sharon Beason is a CPA, and founder of lifestyle maximizing companies: All About Brooklyn Concierge and MetroCity Concierge. With usual

Sat Feb 28, 2015: 

Podcast: BOOKER T. WASHINGTON AND AFRICA, THE MAKING OF A PAN AFRICANIST. The radio panel's discussion of Tyrene Wright’s new book of the same title.

Podcast: RACE, PLACE AND LAND IN SOUTH AFRICA & UPDATES ON BOKO HARAM AND NIGERIA’S ELECTIONS. With Award winning journalists Serusha Govender from Johannesburg and Nigerian Journalist Frankie Edozien (NYU) provides updates and analysis on the South Africa’s Parliament brouhaha and the country’s New Land Policy, and discusses Nigeria’s rescheduled 2015 general elections, and the latest reports of French citizens captured in Cameroon while fighting for Boko Haram amongst other matters.

Podcast: KNOW THY SELF. Understanding the United Nations’ declaration of the “Decade of People of African Descent. We begin the conversation on the United Nations International Decade for People of African Descent with Dòwòti Désir Activist and founder of DDPA Watch Group, Alice Backer, radio host @ Legacy of 1804 and founder of AfroCROWD and Amilcar Priestly, director of the AfroLatin@® Project.

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6:00 PM18:00

An n' Pale | Café Conversation with Paola Mathé of Fanm Djanm

It’s Women’s History Month! Join us for our An n’ Pale | Café Conversation Series with Paola Mathé, founder of Fanm Djanm, a collection of headwraps, clothing and accessories.

Paola Mathé is a lifestyle blogger, writer, photographer, business owner, and a strong believer in women’s empowerment.  Her blog Finding Paola is about her life in New York City, personal style and inspiration.  From Petionville, Haiti, Paola moved to New York City more than a decade ago.  Working in various positions including marketing, fashion and modeling, Paola decided to launch her company a year ago.

Fanm Djanm meaning “strong woman” in Creole, encourages people to live BOLDLY and seeks to “empower women from all walks of life to be bold, beautiful and powerful.”  Her websites include video tutorials and a wide variety of headwrap styles.  Paola is also exploring the world of printmaking by creating her own custom fabrics and turning them into pants, dresses and accessories.  Current projects also include Ansanm Nou Se Ayiti (Together we are Haiti), the Jump File Project, and her newest project Book Club Brunch Brunch Series.

A selection of Fanm Djanm wraps will be available for purchase as well as jewelry by Riva Precil.

ADMISSION: Free/$10 Suggested Donation.

For additional information about the event, or about the non-profit feel free to visit our website for more information. 

Facebook Event: An n' Pale | Café Conversation with Paola Mathé of Fanm Djanm

DIRECTIONS: Take A or C train to Clinton – Washington Ave


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to May 2

Call for Entries: The 14th Annual Women of African Descent Film Festival

  • Long Island University (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

The 14th Annual Women of African Descent Film Festival brought to you by The Brooklyn Chapter of The Links, now opens its Call for Entries. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PDF


To showcase films which are centered around the theme of Linkages: Women, Their Families, Neighborhoods, and the Global Community, and to support the artistic development of Women filmmakers of African Descent by providing a supportive exhibition platform, offering stipends to participants, and seeking industry opportunities that will help to expose the filmmakers’ works and further their careers.


The Women of African Descent Film Festival (WADFF) is celebrating its 14th Anniversary in 2015. The media constantly bombards us with negative images of people of African descent. Our positive accomplishments, uplifting experiences, and gifts to humanity get little attention. The Brooklyn Chapter believes it is vitally important that our legacy be maintained, nurtured and preserved and it is our responsibility to shape the public’s perception of who we are as a people. Through the medium of film, filmmakers of African descent document and relay the stories of our past, present, and future. They have become the new historians –“preservers of our legacy.” The Brooklyn Chapter realizes that many societal misconceptions start with how we are portrayed in the media. To counteract the adverse portrayal of African Americans in the movies and media, the Brooklyn Chapter in 2002 initiated Linkages: Women of African Descent Film Festival. By choosing and screening films that depict the positive linkages women of African descent have to their families, neighborhoods and communities, the film festival is able to effectively influence peoples’ perceptions through the medium of film.


All films must be produced, written or directed by a female filmmaker of African descent, and must have been completed on/or after June 1, 2010. Submission deadline is Friday March 13th. Jurors Choice Awards and stipends will be presented to the participating filmmakers.

Filmmakers are encouraged to submit both a DVD screener as well as a digital screener.* Please note: there is no submission fee, and films will not be returned to you unless you include a self-addressed padded envelope. With your playable DVD submission, please include a synopsis, crew list, press kit and any stills you would like to appear in the program and/or advertisements. 

Please send all films to: 

The Brooklyn Chapter of the Links Inc.

P.O. Box 50013

Brooklyn, NY 11205-0013


If you have an online version of your film on a site such as Vimeo or YouTube, please submit that link to:

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to May 23

Santu Mofokeng: A Metaphorical Biography

  • The Walther Collection Project Space (map)
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Santu Mofokeng: A Metaphorical Biography [Free Event]

The Walther Collection Project Space
526 West 26th Street, Suite 718
New York, NY 10001

Opening Hours: Wednesday-Saturday, 11am-6pm

The Walther Collection presents a solo exhibition of photographs by Santu Mofokeng, bringing together six remarkable series of poetic and resonant images by one of South Africa’s most important artists.

Santu Mofokeng was born in 1956 in Johannesburg, where he currently lives and works. A freelance photojournalist and member of the Afrapix Collective in the 1980s, Mofokeng won the Ernest Cole Scholarship to study at the International Center of Photography in 1991. Mofokeng’s photography has been featured in international exhibitions including Appropriated Landscapes at The Walther Collection, Neu-Ulm, Germany (2011) and The Rise and Fall of Apartheid: Photography and the Bureaucracy of Everyday Life at the International Center of Photography, New York (2012). His first retrospective, Chasing Shadows: Thirty Years of Photographic Essays, opened in 2011 at the Jeu de Paume, Paris, and traveled to Norway, Switzerland, Belgium, and South Africa. Mofokeng represented Germany at the 2013 Venice Biennale.


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4:00 PM16:00

AFROBEATRADIO Dec 27, 2014: Countdown of the Best African Music Releases of 2014

AfrobeatRadio on WBAI 99.5 FM New York @ 4 PM EST.,

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Join host of First World Music radio program on WVKR 91.3 FM (heard every Sunday from 9 PM to 12 Midnight) & AfrobeatRadio music producer Akenataa Hammagaadji  for his selection of the best #AfricanMusic of 2014 and the most exciting African music live performances in NYC in 2014. 

on AfrobeatRadio 

Sat Dec 27, 2014 on WBAI 99.5 FM New York from 4 to 5 PM EST.

Akena H

Radio Host Akenataa Hammagaadji. 

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4:30 PM16:30

AFROBEATRADIO DEC 20 Featuring DJs Against Hunger and DJ Nadeeah Eshe

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AfrobeatRadio on WBAI 99.5 FM NYC @ 4PM - 5PM EST.

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Segment 2:

Countdown to the Holidays, conscious party with DJ Nadeeah Eshe (Spirits in Motion) and Eric Blackwell founder of DJs Against Hunger discuss the DJ movement for food security with AfrobeatRadio hosts Wuyi Jacobs & Tseliso Thipanyane.

DJ Nadeeah Eshe

DJ Nadeeah Eshe

DJs Against Hunger is an initiative started by Brooklyn professor, philanthropist, house head and cultural impresario Eric Blackwell. Realizing that food insecurity is a form of injustice he endeavored to create a platform for house heads and specifically DJs to garner their influence to do good in the communities they party in.

Eric Blackewell

Eric Blackewell

DJs Against Hunger aims to set up drop off spots at ALL major parties to collect non-perishables that will go to the food bank or food pantry in that given city. Atlanta and Chicago have already played host to events powered by DJs Against Hunger with more cities coming aboard! A number of DJs have already pledged their support through short videos and vine.

While DJs Against Hunger was started by house heads it is not genre-specific. All DJs of all music styles and genres are encouraged to get down with this worthwhile cause. Why? Because food shortage are real and people need to eat!

DJ Nadeeah Eshe

DJ Nadeeah Eshe

About DJ Nadeeah Eshe

While listeners worldwide may call her a house-music DJ, those who are true appreciators of music and sound know that within her mixes you can hear the influence of world beat, tribal harmonies and soulful house. Heavily influenced by the music of The Harlem Renaissance, Nadeeah Eshe provides a vibe that creates a musical journey reminiscent of listening to Charles Mingus or Dizzie Gillespie. For more on DJ Nadeeah Eshe


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AFROBEATRADIO DEC 20: Featuring Atim Annette Oton & Calabar Imports

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AfrobeatRadio on WBAI 99.5 FM NYC @ 4PM - 5PM EST.

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Segment 1:

Holiday gift ideas for family and friends with designer and entrepreneur Atim Annette Oton,  proprietor of Brooklyn based retail venture Calabar Imports. With AfrobeatRadio Hosts Wuyi Jacobs & Tseliso Thipanyane.


About Atim Annette Oton
Atim Annette Oton is a partner and co-owner of CALABAR IMPORTS and a designer. She was an Associate Chair of Product Design at Parsons School of Design. Atim was born in Calabar, Nigeria, where she spent her formative years in before coming to the US to study architecture at the City College of New York in Harlem and the Architectural Association Graduate School in London, England.

Atim returned to New York in 1994 to work with the architecture firm Davis, Brody, Bond Architects and various other firms in New York. In 2000, she was part of the design team that won the African Burial Ground Interpretive Center. In the same year, she was hired as the Associate Chair of Product Design at Parsons School of Design. She also worked as a design consultant on the Underground Railroad Railroad Experience, a cultural education website from 2000 – 2004; and won an Independent Grant from the NYSCA on her work, the Black Hair Salon in 2002. In 2002 and 2004, she participated as a designer for the 3rd and 4th Annual Bridge Street Development Corporation’s Bed Stuyvesant Design Showhouses. Recently, she has been a consultant to the Bronx Council on the Arts for its Artisan Institute, an innovative idea focused on micro-enterprise for craftspeople in the Bronx. 

Her work has been published in Architecture Record, Design Build, Design, Oculus and Blacklines Magazine. She has exhibited at the Architectural Association, London, Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, the Institute for the Research on the African Diaspora in the Americas and the Caribbean (IRADAC), the Bronx Museum of Art and the City College of New York. She has been profiled in and for articles on Blacklines Magazine.

For more on Atim Annette OtonShop at Calabar Imports


AfrobeatRadio airs live every Saturday from 4:00 to 5:00 PM EST on WBAI 99.5 FM NYC Pacifica Radio  & streams live @


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AfrobeatRadio Dec 6: Artist of the Week Enoh Linnemann / Mandela One Year After

AfrobeatRadio on WBAI 99.5 FM NYC @ 4 PM EST.

streaming live at,

Segment 1: Artist of the Week 

Enoh Linemann

Afro-german visual artist Enoh Lienemann, born in 1959 in London to German and Nigerian parents. She has shown her works in many individual and group exhibitions. Enoh Lienemann is a member of the International Association of Art. The main focus of her work is migration and communication. She bridges the gap between African and European culture. 

Segment 2: Honoring Nelson Mandela’s Life, Vision and Legacy One Year After

We discuss Nelson Mandela’s life, vision and legacy and what these mean to current developments pertaining to democracy, peace and security in South Africa, the African continent and the global community with guests:

  • Mr Ronald Shiffman. In 1964, prof Shiffman co-founded the Pratt Institute Center for Community and Environmental Development now know as the Pratt Center for Community Development. And in 1965 working with the Central Brooklyn Coordinating Council and Sen. Robert Kennedy he helped to conceive and launch the Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation, one of the nation’s first community development corporations. 
  • Mzwanele Mayekiso, CEO of iKwezi Institute for Research and Development, an intellectual research think tank based in Johannesburg concerned with issues of development, economy, democracy, Governance, politics, culture, identity, etc!, and
  • Mzwanele Mayekiso, executive member of the Imbizo Host Committee working to organize and encourage the involvement of South Africans in the US in advancing South Africa's political, economic and social interests across political party lines.

With Hosts

  • Wuyi Jacobs 
  • Tseliso Thipanyane


AfrobeatRadio airs live every Saturday from 4:00 to 5:00 PM EST. on WBAI 99.5 FM NYC Pacifica Radio  & streams live @ Support AfrobeatRadio at:

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12:30 PM12:30

Conversations: Democracy, Peace and Security – Reminiscing about Mandela

  • Pratt Institute, Manhattan Campus (NYC) (map)
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Conversations: Democracy, Peace and Security – Reminiscing about Mandela

Hosted by iKwezi Institute in partnership with Pratt Institute Program for Sustainable Development and AfrobeatRadio (WBAI 99.5 FM)

Former President, Nelson Mandela passed on the 5th December 2013 in South Africa, the same evening that iKwezi Institute was hosting a CONVERSATION at the University of Pretoria's Business School (Sandton, South Africa) in his honor with two of his best friends (Advocate George Bizos., his lawyer at the Treason Trial, and Mr. Ahmed Kathrada, who served a life sentence on Robben Island with Mandela) reminiscing about his contribution to democracy and human rights.

It is exactly a year since his passing and iKwezi Institute is hosting a second CONVERSATION in his honor in New York City, to reflect on the state of democracy, security and peace in Africa and the world--issues on which Mandela had a profound effect.

Please join us in this conversation to reflect on the legacy of this great African Statesman. A panel of intellectuals and activists will reflect on Mandela's contribution to democracy, followed by a discussion.


  1. Prof. Ronald Shiffman (Pratt Institute)
  2. Dr. Stephan Matseoane (Columbia University)
  3. Mr. Wuyi Jacobs (Executive Director, AfrobeatRadio)
  4. Mr. Tseliso Thipanyane, Former Chief Executive Officer, SA Human Rights Commission
  5. Mr. Mzwanele Mayekiso (Director, iKwezi Institute)


Snacks and Drinks will be provided

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12:00 PM12:00

African Burial Ground National Monument Presents 2014 Juneteenth Celebration

Juneteenth, also known as Freedom Day or Emancipation Day, is the oldest known celebration commemorating the ending of slavery in the United States.  On June 19, 1865, Union soldiers, led by Major General Gordon Granger, landed at Galveston, Texas with news that the American Civil War had ended.  General Order #3 proclaimed, "The people of Texas are informed that in accordance with a Proclamation from the Executive of the United States, all slaves are free.”  

                                                               Special Guest Ilyasah Shabazz

African Burial Ground National Monument is proud to announce that Ilyasah Shabazz, esteemed daughter of Malcolm X, will be the special guest for the 2014 Juneteenth Celebration on June 19th at 12 noon.  This special presentation honors the Civil Rights Movement.  Ms. Shabazz will also be available after the question-and-answer session of the presentation for a book signing of her children's masterpiece, "Malcolm Little:  The Boy Who Grew Up To Become Malcolm X."  There will be more information forthcoming about this unforgettable celebration.  HOLD THE DATE!

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