Kauberdi, a short animation film

Bothered that almost no one knows that her country Cape Verde exist in the first place and that the thing that someone might never have seen before could simply be the country she grew up, Sandie da Graça uses animation to illustrate some cultural and popular traits of Cape Verde. Her movie includes women traditionally picking up coffee beans from the Fogo Island; the surfing trend in the Sal island; Monte Cara, an important mountain that has the profile of a face, in the S.Vicente Island; and many other elements of Cape Verdean culture are present in this short movie.

Sandie da Graça. Sandie da Graça is Canadian born cinematographer raised in Praia, the capital of Cape Verde. She speaks five languages and is very interested in using animation to show people what they might not have seen before. 

A film by/Filme por: Sandie Dubeau da Graça
Supervisors/Supervisores: Sandra Eber & Jean Théberge
Sound Mix/Mixagem de som: Tim Horlor & Andreas Mendritzki
Music/Musica: Raiz by Simentera, produced in 1996
Record Company/Gravadora: Lusafrica
Used by permission of/Uso pela permissao de: Tete Alinho
Produced at the/Produzido no Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema
© Sandie da Graça 2013