Booker T. Washington And Africa, The Making of A Pan Africanist

The radio panel's discussion of Tyrene Wright’s new book “Booker T. Washington And Africa, The Making of A Pan Africanist.” 

Booker T. Washington and Africa: The Making Of A Pan Africanist is a paradigm-shifting book about Washington's evolution as a Pan Africanist and his clandestine role in African affairs. The book takes a rare look into Booker T. Washington’s private endeavors through his personal papers. The man many considered the iconic Accommodationist, pacifist and even Uncle Tom had a clandestine life as a very progressive Pan Africanist who wielded measurable power in the realm of African affairs. When out of the public eye, Booker T. Washington could be found propagandizing against the atrocities taking place in the Congo Free State under King Leopold, denouncing colonial domination in Africa, serving as key negotiator in the Liberian Crisis and tactfully orchestrating the demise of the African Exclusion Measure designed to target and exclude African and Black persons immigrating to the US from the Caribbean, Central and South America. This book establishes that Booker T. Washington belongs amongst the canon of Pan Africanists that shaped the 20th century, therefore the discourse and narrative on Booker T. Washington has shifted. CLICK FOR MORE

About Author: 

Tyrene Wright PhD., is a scholar, human rights activist, producer, poet and founder of African Women for Africa, an international non-government organization. She holds a B.S. in History from Tuskegee University, a Master's of Arts in History with a concentration in Modern Africa from the City University of New York, and a Ph.D. from the Union Institute & University in Public Policy. Tyrene has held various appointments throughout the City University of New York, specifically John Jay College for Criminal Justice, City College, La Guardia Community College, and York College. After teaching for the University of Cheikh Anta Diop (Dakar University) in Dakar, Senegal she returned to the U.S. and founded African Women for Africa, an organization designed to provide health literacy to African women throughout the African World.

A Booker T. Washington scholar, Tyrene takes a different approach to examining Washington and the Tuskegee model. Her research focuses on Booker T. Washington's role and relationship with African people and Africa which argues that Washington's role was to promote sustainable agriculture, and economic models amongst African communities worldwide. She is the author of Booker T. Washington and Africa (forthcoming) which is the first book of its kind, and covers two international policy cases: The Liberian Crisis, and the African Exclusion Measure, where Washington proves himself to be an adept Pan-Africanist and negotiator for African people.


Special guest Frankie Edozien, and AfrobeatRadio usual suspects Delphine Vakunta, Serusha Govender & Wuyi Jacobs.

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