Africa Is Rising!

The digital revolution has transformed much of the global economy. Information and communication technologies (ICTs) play a key role in this revolution. However, not everyone has equal access to these technologies. This gap exists on multiple levels, whether between individuals, small segments within a population, countries, or global regions. The term used to refer to this inequality is the digital divide. Africa must define and create unique solutions that effectively and efficiently bridge the related challenges.

Enyo Kumahor keynotes on five key ways in which IT can contribute to the African growth story and the vital roles that technologists play in order to bring economic and social equality to 21st century Africa. She is the Regional Managing Director of Pan-Africa for ThoughtWorks. Under Enyo’s direction, ThoughtWorks Pan-Africa has been nominated by Africa Business Awards as Best African Company for 2013. Enyo is a frequent speaker on leadership, productivity, business and motivation. She has spoken on technology and telecommunications in Africa.

Watch 45-minute presentation video here.