Samir Amin on the future of Egypt

Samir Amin spoke to AfrobeatRadio's Wuyi Jacobs following the fall of pres Morsi and the end of the rule of Muslim Brothers.  Mr Amin insists that the removal of pres Morsi is not a coup but came as expected and claimed it an important victory of the Egyptian people.  He calimed that Morsi was elected through a gigantic fraud but worse the government of the Muslim Brothers wer been pursuing the same neoliberal policies as that of Mubarak. It  has no solutions to the problems facing the Egyptian people.

Mr Amin is a Marxist economist and is one of Africa's foremost critical thinkers and expert on politics and development. Author of several important books including "Imperialism and Unequal Development," and "The Law of Value and Historical Materialism" in which he provides the analysis of global capitalism. His recent book "Eurocentrism" has been described as a provocative and compelling critical account of the historical, ideological, political, and economic order of the present world. A good introduction to Samir Amin @ a dissenting economist