Social & Political

Dissecting new land policies in post-apartheid South Africa and dismantling the postponement of Nigeria's 2015 Elections.

Understanding the United Nations’ declaration of the International Decade for People of African Descent.

Nigeria Elections 2015: "Between a Rock and a Hard Place"

Has Nigeria's chickens come home to roost?

Ebola, We Hardly Knew You: 3 Lessons from the Hysteria

But just like those stories about missing or downed Malaysian jets, the American media has moved on. By ROBERT HENNELLY

PODCAST: Millions March NYC / Garifuna Culture in the Diaspora

Special Coverage of NYC's "Million Match" of Dec 13 and on Garifuna Culture in the Diaspora.

Big banks broke America: How to achieve the ultimate revenge against them now

Since looting all of us for a generous bailout, you'd have thought they'd all lie low. Here's what they did instead. By ROBERT HENNELLY

Paul Sankara on the Oct '14 Revolution in Burkina Faso

Paul Sankara, brother of the late Thomas Sankara: Blaise Compaore must return to Bukina Faso to face Justice.

AfrobeatRadio Dialogues @ Left Forum 2014

Community Networking  towards Social Transformation in the 21st Century. Sun June 1, 2014 @ John Jay College.

State responsibility: Chibok, Citizens and the Exercise State Power

The [Nigerian] military however needs to justify citizen’s support by turning their weapons on the terrorists and not on unarmed civilians.

NYC City Hall Rally to #BringBackOurGirls

 "This is not only a women’s rights issue, but a matter that concerns everyone because the kidnapping is a crime against humanity" - Laurie Cumbo

Arts & Entertainment

PODCAST: Radio host and producer Akenataa Hammagaadji's selection of the best Africa music releases in 2014. 

Rafiya debuts on her new single "Hustle" on AfrobeatRadio

Music to make you smile, dance and think.

Cannes of Hope

Participants of the Cannes International Film Festival are reminded again that the Cannes' city motto  is Qui li ven li vieù,  what means “Those who come never leave” in Provencal.

Kauberdi, a short animation film

A film by Sandie da Graça, uses animation to illustrate some cultural and popular traits of Cape Verde

Osekre Unleashes Afro PunkRock on NYC

Osekre & The Lucky Bastards

African Events for Folks who love Africa and its Cultures

NYC Events: The sounds and tastes of Africa are only a subway away. 

Is Black History Month Still relevant?

Helping to change negative stereotypes and perceptions.
See also: "Angelique Kidjo"

Africa's Gems: Top three travel cities of Africa

Hot new travel destinations in Africa

Ezra Mabengeza

For Actor from South Africa the Goal is to Motivate Audiences to Act.

AfrobeatRadio's Best African Music Release of 2013

Best African Music of 2013 with Akena Hammagaadji - at # 1 TAL NATIONAL by Tal National on Fat Cat. Song: Kountché. 

Academic & Professional
PODCAST: Modern day Slavery: Understanding Sex and Human Trafficking in 2015

Exploring a heinous and highly organized crime affecting over 35 million persons per year with Esohe Aghatise.

Podcast: Women and Entrepreneurship; Lessons, tips and ideas for success in diverging markets

 Commemorating International Women's Month with Brooklyn's Sharon Beason. 

A new book  on that changes our understanding of Booker T. Washington and his relationship with Africa. 

Africa Is Rising!

The digital revolution has transformed much of the global economy. Information and communication technologies (ICTs) play a key role in this revolution. However, not everyone has equal access to these technologies.

Pres Hissène Habré, Our Man in Africa

"Habré’s forces celebrated their victory by roping enemy fighters behind the Toyotas, several to a bumper, and dragging them through the desert" By MICHAEL BRONNER.

Sony and the Sociology of Racism

"neither Amy Pascal nor Sony is the problem, and holding meetings about diversity and police body-cams is not the solution." By EZRAH AHARONE.

Honoring Nelson Mandela’s Life, Vision and Legacy

Mzwanele Mayekiso (iKwezi Institute) and Ronald Shiffman (Pratt Institute) on Nelson Mandela 's Vison & Legacy one year after.

Modern Day Slavery and Human Trafficking in New York

HUMAN TRAFFICKING: “Only if there was someone out there who cared!” – Kenya, a survivor of sex trafficking in New York. 

Latest Ebola News

The current Ebola outbreak is the most serious to date. Monitor the latest news with us.

Contextual and Comparative  Analysis of Constitutionalism and  Political Culture on Elections: Kenya  and Zimbabwe 

The influence of a Constitution in an electoral system may seem obvious, but sometimes it is not.