Social & Political
Rwanda Genocide 20 Years After

Rwandan Genocide survivor Claude Gatebuke, Mwangi Chege, Tseliso Thipanyane & Wuyi Jacobs on 20 years after the Genocide. Any lessons learnt?

On the 2014 EU Africa Summit

The boycott that never materialized - What does this mean for African leadership?

Whose Land Is It Anyway?

World Bank Accused of Destroying Traditional Farming to Support Corporate Land Grabs.
See also: The Great Ethiopia Land Grab.

Emem Okon &  Mithika Mwenda on Climate Change

Much of Africa suffers from serious environmental challenges.
See also: "Keep Oil in the Soil"

Children see the brutality of a poached Rhino

Creating awareness about wildlife trafficking.
See also: "Letters to President Zuma

Philantrhopists' Unite for Rhinos

World renowned philanthropist team up with SA's youngest philanthropists to combat wildlife trafficking.

Crisis in Venezuela, is Washington pushing Regime Change?

Maria Paez Victor on the political, economic and social crisis and the forces at play in Venezuela.

Analysis of the State of the Union 2014

Pres Obama pledged to raise the minimum wage for those contracted to the federal government.

Poverty and Unemployment: Impact on African American Community

“Like slavery and apartheid, poverty is not natural. It is man made and it can be overcome and eradicated by the actions of human beings.” - Mandela Feb 3, 2005.

Continuing Conflicts in South Sudan & CAR

The recent outbreak of armed conflict in South Sudan and the Central African Republic bring into question the effectiveness of regional and international measures to promote peace, security and stability.

Arts & Entertainment
Osekre Unleashes Afro PunkRock on NYC

Osekre & The Lucky Bastards

African Events for Folks who love Africa and its Cultures

NYC Events: The sounds and tastes of Africa are only a subway away. 

Is Black History Month Still relevant?

Helping to change negative stereotypes and perceptions.
See also: "Angelique Kidjo"

Africa's Gems: Top three travel cities of Africa

Hot new travel destinations in Africa

Ezra Mabengeza

For Actor from South Africa the Goal is to Motivate Audiences to Act.

AfrobeatRadio's Best African Music Release of 2013

Best African Music of 2013 with Akena Hammagaadji - at # 1 TAL NATIONAL by Tal National on Fat Cat. Song: Kountché. 

Rico Speight & Ezra Mabengaza

On Aimé Césaire's "A Season In The Congo" and Patrice Émery Lumumba. 

No Small Money Brass Band Live

No Small Money Brass Band performed two awesome sets to close the night at BUKA in Brooklyn. 

Tuelo le Badimo Live

Live music from South Africa.

Afrobeat Music with Asiko

Asiko led by Folorunso Kolade, AKA Bros Foly live at the BUKA Restaurant in Brooklyn.

Academic & Professional
On the 2014 UN Climate Change Report

warming oceans, rising sea-levels, shortages of freshwater, rising global temperatures

Changing Face of Medical Care in Africa

Africa Health tackles the manner in which medical care is delivered in Africa.

The Century of the African Woman – Women Werk

NYC Events Celebrates International Woman’s Day 2014.

Higher education opportunities for Africans worldwide

Opportunities for African students to study abroad are increasing.

Ukraine / Crimea crisis and its Implications for Africa

Young African analysts Brigid Otieno & Prudence Ukwishatse  explore the ramfications of the Ukranian crisis for Africa.

George Ayittey on Corruption In Africa in 2013

Economist score Africa very low in the fight against corruption.

Nnimmo Bassey on "Green Economy"

On the so called '‘green economy’ and how UN agencies (UNEP) provides cover to continue business as usual.

Alf Hornborg: Ecological Unequal Exchange

He talks to Firoze Manjji about alternative value measurements compared to paper money.